marc simao

marc simaomarc is an original member of litterbug and the only member of the band who has had an active stalker. after listening to jonathan richman, the minutemen and patti smith, he decided he needed to play music and formed the first incarnation of litterbug (then nameless) with janie cranfield and a couple of friends from work. with an avowed interest in early russian revolutionary politics and characters and a love of all things ice cream, marc has created his own lyrical and musical stamp that offer snapshots of his life and the lives of others in his life. if you have trouble finding him, he's probably in a movie theatre watching some black and white film with subtitles.

janie cranfield

janie cranfieldjanie is also an original member of litterbug and the only member of the band who has had a boxing career (lifetime 4-0). at one time or another, she has played keyboards, bass, drums, clarinet, banjo, bells, trombone, and trumpet, as well as singing. graduating from art school, janie made a natural transition into playing in a band and did much work in designing band cds, websites, t-shirts and posters. a distant relation to fyodor dan, janie has always been partial to the menshevik cause and was in a menshevik bowling club in university. once appearing in a platinum blonde video (or did that not happen??), janie got a good glimpse into the horrors of the hair dye industry and wrote a scathing exposé entitled, clowns and carcasses.

stewart lampe

stewart lampestewart also joined litterbug in late 2009, just before doing a solo tour of central america (check out stewart lampe's illumination when you're below 20° latitude - the only places they can play because of drummer/harpist rodrigo's whooping cough). gregarious, charming, witty and full of candy, stewart brings joy to all peoples and his cat momo with his singing, and his playing of ukulele, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. we're pretty sure he's got another 5 or 6 instruments he can play but he needs to clean up his apartment to find them. note: he's american!

spring burke

spring burkespring joined litterbug in early 2012. she has studied the violin for over 20 years, played with orchestras, and won medals, prizes and scholarships (see her website at in addition to violin, spring is also playing guitar, bass and drums, as well as doing some singing in litterbug. being a part-time professional clown (but oddly enough no eating of children) scared some of the members of the band, but spring is such an excellent baker (the cake she made for her own birthday was divine!) and we all know chocolate wins over fear every time. when pressed for an answer to a question, if she does not know the answer, she'll answer in esperanto.

justin harder

justin harderjustin harder joined litterbug in late 2002, bringing along his girlfriend aileen rankin. both had previously been in the band the interns, whose messy breakup was captured in the cbs documentary my life after school. litterbug knew justin would fit in because he had a willingness to play instruments he had never played before and he was willing to take a lie detector test. although the test showed him to be a pretty truthful person, litterbug let him in the band anyway.

justin has played guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and sang once or twice at litterbug shows. he started recording with litterbug in the spring of 2003, leaving for several months to join his girlfriend on a secret mission (he wouldn't give us any details) in guatemala. with justin not speaking a word of spanish, the rest of the band deduced that he was either working for the cia or recruiting children for organ sales. since his return, justin has spent a lot of time recording songs for the kaiser album, although his "work" and mystery trips to chicago, peru and indonesia have continued to keep the rest of the band suspicious. now living in vancouver, justin has rejoined the band and created a new type of cookie that he only shares with litterbug members and alumni.


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