aileen rankin

aileen rankinaileen rankin laughs more than anyone in litterbug. sometimes she even laughs at the unfunny stuff. most of the band thinks she's kind of loopy but not in a good way. when she isn't laughing she's often playing some beautiful violin or singing some great harmony. she's even played drums on one song at a live show. aileen joined litterbug with her boyfriend justin harder, when their previous band the interns broke up in a donut shop argument about the direction of the band.

if you ask aileen she'll tell you she's not really in the band but is instead preparing to become a doctor. of course, no one else in the band really buys that story, although justin has to (at least on the surface). aileen joined litterbug in late 2002 after the band released the pablo album. she recorded on some of the kaiser album before taking off to guatemala for an extended state department mission. on her return, she recorded her parts during a 36 hour marathon session. litterbug sees her as a full-time member with a part-time role. aileen fully denies that that is her picture on the website, however, she has to say that so her cover will not be blown. aileen has been busy studying the uzbek language in night classes in saskatoon, as well as doing some doctor stuff.