amelia mori

amelia moriamelia mori came to litterbug through an ad in the paper. she was just about to quit her job and may have become confused looking through the want ads. she joined litterbug during a heat wave, which is truly when people's minds are not operating at their best. rumour has it that she learned to play violin from that guy in the charlie daniels band who ended up beating the devil in that song, but her lack of love for the allman brothers, lynyrd skynyrd or molly hatchet really makes that story seem like a tall tale. she must have gotten good the old fashioned way - practicing scales while all the other kids were playing outside.

amelia seems to play an awful lot of volleyball. before practice, after practice, once even during practice when she spiked the rosin over the drum kit. fortunately no one was hurt in the incident, although everyone keeps an eye out just in case. we're hoping that she'll make nationals and take the band on tour to play the coveted volleyball circuit. in litterbug, amelia plays violin, keyboards, bass, guitar, bells and sings and writes. she is off to australia for an undetermined amount of time to do that doctor thing. litterbug australian tour being worked on, just as soon as we get our shots.