justin harder

justin harderjustin harder joined litterbug in late 2002, bringing along his girlfriend aileen rankin. both had previously been in the band the interns, whose messy breakup was captured in the cbs documentary my life after school. litterbug knew justin would fit in because he had a willingness to play instruments he had never played before and he was willing to take a lie detector test. although the test showed him to be a pretty truthful person, litterbug let him in the band anyway.

justin has played guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and sang once or twice at litterbug shows. he started recording with litterbug in the spring of 2003, leaving for several months to join his girlfriend on a secret mission (he wouldn't give us any details) in guatemala. with justin not speaking a word of spanish, the rest of the band deduced that he was either working for the cia or recruiting children for organ sales. since his return, justin has spent a lot of time recording songs for the kaiser album, although his "work" and mystery trips to chicago, peru and indonesia have continued to keep the rest of the band suspicious. Justin currently resides in saskatoon, where he and aileen are completing a secret mission on behalf of the republic of uzbekistan.