hollis: lyrics

hot chocolate and st. john's wort (go back)

there's a woman looking out her window, she's playing with her zipper searching for the trigger and thinking about the afterlife - her husband is in the kitchen, he's got the face of a secretary from his work on his mind and he's wondering about the way she loves to tease his sex drive and whether or not he's the cheating kind - he's drinking a gourmet coffee that he bought at starbucks, where behind the counter a beautiful chestnut-eyed boy is suggestively selling everything in the store plus a dream he has of running his fingers down this stranger's spine while looking into his eyes and saying 'from the first time i saw you i knew that you'd be mine' - but that was yesterday morning, last night, that kid committed suicide - the note he left simply read ' don't worry you'll get over it' and he was right, everyone did, especially the cop who found him and saw him as nothing more than additional paperwork in triplicate - but years later while on a fishing trip, that same cop would hook his finger and as he watched the crimson drip he'd think about when he and his sister were kids and how she loved to poke him with pins and how later, ironically, she took her life at the end of a syringe - and then he'd remember the starbucks kid and wonder - what is this happiness? meanwhile, back at the fishing lodge, the proprietor was thinking about selling it off, to start a new lease on life, to move to the big city, work more on his poetry and this time marry a more sympathetic wife - you see, his sperm refused to swim and although she said she still loved him, whenever they were fighting, to hurt him, she wouldn't let him forget - so he'd follow the power lines back to where they originate, and there he'd find himself a new mate, in an all night diner, a waitress with a permanent smile, she'd never worn red a day in her life, but nobody ever noticed, so nobody ever asked why - and she'd love her new man as much as the night life, and one night when she'd remark to herself that her life couldn't get any better, well she'd be half right - because that night a man in the diner would stalk her and kill her because she looked just like his mother who used to put cigarettes out on his legs for being late home from school - and as he strangled the last breath out from under her lips, he stared into her eyes and said 'you'll never forget this' - and in his eye she saw tears - and beneath them a brilliant vermillion on gray on dead green on brown on red.

lonnie - acoustic guitar, background vocals
marc - electric guitar
janie - vocals
written by lonnie