pablo (2002)

pablo litterbug's debut album was released in october 2002 on monkey-bar-records following recording during the late-2001 to mid-2002 at fidel monty studios. the album's wide range of sounds come from the band's tendency to switch instruments, which exemplifies what litterbug is all about. former litterbug members shane donnelly, richard thornley and andrew pannekoek are all featured on tracks, while brady cranfield, nen jelicic and jacey wilson all guest on the album.

tracks [00:47m]

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oh, you are so beautiful lyrics
4:30 a.m. lyrics
everything everywhere lyrics
time travel lyrics
jupu lyrics
fight 2 the middle lyrics
bradyrock lyrics
party so soft lyrics
3x10÷1+2-1 lyrics
1, 2, 3, 4 lyrics
recipe lyrics
petals wake in her #2 lyrics
strawberry lyrics
love lyrics
coquihalla lyrics
montreal lyrics