ralph nader was here cjsr compilation (2003)

ralph nader was here ralph nader was here is a compilation of canadian music (with sound bites from ralph nader) and features the track "garbage truck" from litterbug's kaiser album. limited edition; produced by cjsr radio in edmonton, alberta during their 2003 fundrive. visit www.nader.org.



(sound bite) nader on community radio
litterbug garbage truck (lyrics)
mr. relaxer apparently you're evil
cryptomnesia melancholia
(sound bite) nader on cosmetics
savannah die waiting
the faunts will you tell me when
caffeine sunday rottenberry
(sound bite) nader on the military
indian police i'm gonna kill everybody i know
tom cruise missile the fifth wednesday of the supermonth
moksha medeival knieval
little baby cupcakes small scene
(sound bite) nader on invisible chains
jeff king wiebo
sandro dominelli quintet calypso gas
melissa majeau a little something
the kubasonics sida rida
teenage surf invasion north saskatchewan surf
(sound bite) nader on the mono economy
richochet funds
the george bushes electric
field and stream bombs instead of beauty
division and wellesley static on through
the swiftys adios