stapler: lyrics

psalm 431-5603 (go back)

if there's one thing you need in this world
above all other things
it's love, oh yeah, it's love

you can have all the money you want
but it doesn't matter when you're near your end
it's love, oh yeah, it's love

some people say faith is an important thing
and i won't begrudge them that
but even more important than faith i say
is love, oh yeah, love, uh-huh
maybe it's the same thing to some of us

you can live for your career
and have everything you want
but it won't comfort you in those last few minutes of life
it's not love

you can live for sex
and try forever to be hot
sex can be great but it can be empty and fake
it's not love, oh no, it's not love

marc - vocals, guitar, percussion
janie - keyboards, percussion
amelia - violins
spencer - bass, percussion

written by marc