the scent of new skins: lyrics

be my valentine xylophone (go back)


someday you’ll tell me all of your life
every last bit of your life
and you’ll tell me about the good and the bad
about the happy and the sad
because i’m your detective of love
yeah, your detective of love

one day soon i’ll tell you all about my life
all the things i never told before to anyone
and i’ll tell you of pride and of shame
of the cool and the lame
because i’m your witness of love
yeah, your witness of love

in the future, we will wed by the sea
or perhaps it’ll be in a snowy field
where we’ll gaze into each other’s eyes
and we’ll realize
that we’re comrades of love
yeah, comrades of love

marc - vocals, guitar
stewart - 2nd guitar, bg vocals
spring - keyboards, bg vocals
justin - bass
janie - drums

written by marc