the scent of new skins: lyrics

the olive farmer's passion run amok (go back)

i can’t stop thinking about you
until this curiosity disappears
you reappear

i can’t stop dreaming about you
my nights are restless full of fret
you’re someone i can’t forget

i can’t stop drinking about you
until i’m no longer thinking at all
and you’re behind a wall

i can’t stop trying about you
every day i light a candle of hope
and you give me rope

dream of me
when you’re with that other guy
superimpose my head… it’s not a lie for me

dream of me
when you drift away at work
far away… it’s okay

dream of me
in your most private thoughts and hopes
welcome me… it’s where i want to be

marc - vocals, guitar
spring - 2nd guitar, percussion
janie - bells, percussion
justin - bass, percussion
stewart - drums, percussion

written by marc