the scent of new skins: lyrics

the power of two (go back)

in exile you’ll spend two years away
we’ll send you cookies just to make sure you’re okay
you’ll have to send long letters back with veggie recipes
the power of two

and if you die we’ll burn bus passes and a bike
the smoke will whirl up effortlessly to the sky
we’ll ask you secrets and your answers will decide
the power of two


and what’ll happen if a shelf falls down on me?
i can’t be fixed with coats of paint and wood putty
and you’ll be fixing people up in the territory
the power of two

(solo2 )

we’ll miss your humour and the crazy things you say
we’ll miss your band black rainbow with whom we want to play
we’ll miss out on two years of fun and talk and play
the power of two

marc - vocals, guitar
stewart - 2nd guitar
spring - violins
janie - bass
justin - drums

written by marc