zero hour: lyrics

two packs a day (go back)

maybe i read too much jane austen
i fantasize a little too often
i wanted someone to sweep me away
but he must smoke at least two packs a day

twenty beers a night well that's just ok
and lies are good if you have nothing better to say
cause i distill my memories each night
and remove the parts that didn't conclude quite right

if you can't keep a job then hold my hand
and if you'd steal from me then you're my man
you loved a girl with an std
well that sounds so pretty and feels good to me

i thought that i could do you some good
but you knew all along that i never could
because you need a drug that i can't prescribe
to forget the things that happened in your life

amelia - vocals, bells
marc - guitar
spencer - guitar
janie - drums

written by amelia