zero hour: lyrics

what the woodcutter's children found out (go back)

we were walking around in the back woods
doing things we were told we never should
and every tree looks the same
and all paths lead to the same place
drop another breadcrumb to find our way back
shoo away the birds - stop following our tracks
why'd we even come out here?
i'm pretty sure it's all your fault

i think we're lost, what a bright idea
i think we're lost, how did we end up here?

wait a minute i see something
shines like a beacon out in the clearing
oh it calls my name
and it pulls me closer
hey hey look, there's a house
i bet there's food to feed our mouths
what would live way out here
out in the wilderness

should we open up the door, i-i-i want something
should we step inside, i-i-i've got a sweet tooth
i-i-i want something, i-i-i've got a sweet tooth
i-i-i want something, i-i-i've got a sweet tooth

this whole house is chewy on the inside
tastes too good, makes for such a good time
i'm so happy I'm alive
it's a children's paradise
they won't notice if we eat this
a few more bites and then we'll quit
candy cane on my lips
takes me to a dizzy sugar high

don't look now, over in the corner
someone's smiling, who's that woman
what's she want, oh my god
get away witch, oh my god
that pot is boiling hot

when at night i go to sleep
fourteen angels watch do keep
two my head are guarding
two my feet are guiding
two are on my left side
two are on my right side
two who warmly cover
two who o'er my hover
two to whom 'tis given
to guide my steps to heaven

marc - vocals, guitar
amelia - vocals, violins
janie - keyboard
spencer - drums

written by marc and amelia