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some of the past shows (click links below to view ads/posters)

selectors' records jul 14 2017 vancouver, bc
cafe deux soleils dec 09 2016 vancouver, bc  w/ gavin o'sullivan
the main may 02 2015 vancouver, bc  
the railway club apr 17 2015 vancouver, bc  w/ the cut losses, skeleton choir
cafe deux soleils feb 28 2015 vancouver, bc  w/ provinces
backstage lounge aug 07 2013 vancouver, bc  w/ graham mcrae
cafe deux soleils jul 06 2013 vancouver, bc  w/ provinces
cafe deux soleils feb 23 2013 vancouver, bc  w/ the damn breakers
cafe deux soleils oct 20 2012 vancouver, bc  w/ audio asphyxiation
cafe montmartre sep 21 2012 vancouver, bc  w/ dave monks
cafe deux soleils jun 15 2012 vancouver, bc  
cafe montmartre jun 02 2012 vancouver, bc  
cafe deux soleils feb 10 2012 vancouver, bc  w/ electric honeysuckle
cafe montmartre feb 04 2012 vancouver, bc  w/ roxanne andrighetti
cafe montmartre nov 12 2011 vancouver, bc  
cafe montmartre aug 06 2011 vancouver, bc  w/ prairie ocean project
cafe montmartre jun 30 2011 vancouver, bc  w/ roxanne andrighetti
nyala restaurant feb 05 2011 vancouver, bc  w/ nothofagus, trevor code
backstage lounge jan 13 2011 vancouver, bc  w/ jason poulsen, trevor code
cafe deux soleils jun 19 2010 vancouver, bc  w/ lane arndt
cafe deux soleils jun 20 2009 vancouver, bc  w/ mississippi live, kellarissa
zulu records jun 13 2009 vancouver, bc  
falconetti's jan 10 2009 vancouver, bc  
pat's pub | poster feb 28 2008 vancouver, bc w/ brother brother, los malos
cafe deux soleils jan 19 2008 vancouver, bc w/ los malos
the royal unicorn cabaret nov 23 2007 vancouver, bc w/ language arts, the hawaiian bibles, the bends
pat's pub | poster oct 04 2007 vancouver, bc w/ los malos
the main aug 25 2007 vancouver, bc  
the lamplighter may 29 2005 vancouver, bc w/ p:ano, great aunt ida
powerplant apr 30 2005 edmonton, ab w/ the omega theory, rake
seedy's mar 04 2005 edmonton, ab w/ fosters & mcgarvey, the golden ape
sidetrack cafe feb 19 2005 edmonton, ab w/ canned hamm, de vonder
sidetrack cafe | poster jan 20 2005 edmonton, ab w/ funkton, wafer thin mint, dj mick sleeper
listen records feb 28 2003 edmonton, ab w/ the film stills
new city feb 20 2003 edmonton, ab w/ devilspender, tom cruise missile
likwid lounge apr 07 2001 edmonton, ab w/ jad fair, adult rodeo
likwid lounge aug 19 2000 edmonton, ab w/ rayovaq, lion for real
fox & hounds apr 08 2000 edmonton, ab w/ black market greeting cards, james bollus
invitation show oct 22 1999 edmonton, ab w/ hopeless rabbit, lion for real
manifesto aug 21 1999 edmonton, ab w/ josh stevenson, blind dates

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